Welcome to the Pre/webOS Development Wiki


Due to a number of problems with the old wiki at predev.wikidot.com, and with the support of emkman and the major wiki contributors and editors, we have created a new MediaWiki-based wiki at www.webos-internals.org and have moved all the old content over to the new wiki.

You do not need a password to edit on the new wiki, it is just like wikipedia. You will need to sign up again.

The new wiki is hosted on an enterprise-class server at OSUOSL in the same rack as master.kernel.org and the mediawiki database which holds the wiki content is hosted on a pair of high-availability auto-fail-over mysql servers, and backed up daily to another site.

All pages are ported, you will find that links on THIS wiki take you to pages on THAT wiki. Do not be concerned. We meant for that to happen.

Come join us at www.webos-internals.org

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